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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator for Insurance Purposes

Body Mass Index

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Health Insurance Companies look at Body Mass Index for insurance rating purposes. Often times, people are not aware of how this can effect their rates on their health insurance. Being over weight is more than just a health risk, it can cost you more money on health insurance premiums, as well as increased medical costs. How much does being over weight effect your health insurance costs? Use this simple calcuator, and estimates from field underwriting guidelines to find out!

Height Feet Inches

Your Total Height in Inches:

Weight lbs.

Your BMI:

Company Level 1 ¹ Level 1 Level 1 + 25% Level 1 + 50% Decline
Aetna >26 >31 >31 >44 >44
Blue Cross >22 >25 >30 >39
Blue Shield >22 >25 >30 >39
Health Net >24 >30 >31 >39
PacifiCare >25 >30 >30 >39
Nationwide >30 >36 >36 >39 >39

¹If you have diabetes, smoke, or are on heart or blood pressure medication these lower values apply.


The table above is an average based on insurance company underwriting guidelines and actual case experience. Your health and contributing health conditions can affect the final rates differently in your state, situation, or circumstance.

Body Mass Index Surcharge Example

Suppose you are 5 feet 2 inches tall, and 183 lbs. Your BMI score would be 33.47. With this score, you would be +25/% with every company, so if the base rate was $100, your cost would be $125. (Base Rate x % Surcharge = Final Premium)